College Democrats of Illinois

Fighting to elect and support strong Democrats in Illinois.

2018: Our Plan

From now until November 2018, College Democrats of Illinois will be fighting on two fronts.

  1. We’ll be helping to lead the charge to fire Governor Rauner. Bruce Rauner is killing our educational systems, public services, and more by refusing to pass a budget for an unprecedented two years, vetoing each and every proposed budget made to help the hardworking people of Illinois, and holding our public schools hostage.
  2. We’ll be fighting to #UnseatTheSeven Republican congressmen who represent Illinois in the United States House of Representatives. Each of these men voted to repeal Obamacare and prevent 23 million people across the country and over 700,000 here in Illinois from accessing affordable healthcare, as well as voting to gut Dodd-Frank and allowing private companies to sell our personal data.

If you’re interested in internships and other opportunities with gubernatorial and congressional campaigns, click here.

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