2018: Our Plan

The following is an excerpt from a letter published through the Illinois Democratic County Chairmans’ Association (ILDCCA):

“We want to flip red seats blue and to help take back the House so we can take back our democracy. Our plan is simple and practical.

First, we want to make ourselves known and reward chapters for working hard without any air support for years. The more we advertise person to person and campus to campus, the more people we will meet and attract them to come knock doors when we need them, especially if that is a funded operation.

Then comes Phase two– which I call the, “travel the state, meet each other, and raise some money” phase. As I’m calling chapter presidents and party activists on the ground, people are excited about the idea that College Democrats could actually have a budget and fund our own operations. That excitement is leading to members and presidents taking it upon themselves to organize regional retreats and fundraisers to not only connect local representatives and candidates to College Democrats, but also connect College Democrats from one school to another in the same region. We are looking at having events across the state in early to mid-March and after the primary.

Phase three includes fundraising for our annual convention which will follow our incredibly rewarding convention last year that featured more than 200 students in Central Illinois, memorable breakout sessions and speeches, and some good bonding between chapters. Conventions cost real money, but it’s always a valuable and needed weekend for College Democrats across the state to come together and hear from party leaders as well as from each other.

Phase four is simple. Field matters, and as college students, we oftentimes knock doors and make phone calls when we have time to volunteer, or we intern and work directly for a candidate. But we want to fund our own field operation with the goal of spending $5,000 to $7,500 on field in our first election with our new PAC and finance council.

We want to invest where our chapters are, such as in the 13th Congressional or the 6th Congressional, or with Nitika Richards, who is running for McLean County Clerk with several ISU College Democrats heavily involved. If we pick targeted races that we can win and have a good amount of college students on the ground already, we can make real impacts and track our progress in a way we haven’t before.”

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