Central Illinois Regional Director


Anna Sekiguchi will serve as CDIL’s 2017-2018 Central Illinois Regional Director as well as serving as Outreach Director for the Illini Democrats (UIUC). She is a rising sophomore planning on majoring in political science strongly interested in sustainability. Anna got her start in political organizing this fall when she she trained volunteers, lead voter registration drives, and helped lead teams that committed 3,000 students to vote for climate justice with NextGen Climate. She then worked as the Social Media Director for Champaign County Citizens Allied for Resident Eldercare, where she assisted with campaign social media, canvassed, and phone banked to help save the Champaign County Nursing Home.

Anna cares about progressive politics because she believes everyone deserves the chance at a life with dignity. She believes people are entitled to healthcare, education, and a sustainable environment. Following her passions, she marched all the way from Chicago to Springfield for a people and planet first budget. This picture is from when Anna went to Standing Rock to protest #NODAPL #Killtheblacksnake.

This summer, Anna worked for State Rep. Carol Ammons as a legislative intern.